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Security Measures

  1. The In-charge PC-cum-RV/Godowns/Silos and his Assistant are responsible in person and ZH / PM in administrative role are responsible for the security of wheat purchased/stacked at the Storage Point. They take proper measures to guard against the pilferage/theft of wheat/dead stocks. They always exercise proper control and check over the functioning of Chowkidars, Laborers and other personnel working at the storage Points. Local Daily Wages Staff will be engaged after verifying their antecedents and reputation.
  2. Display emergency Numbers at each PC/RV.
  3. Different teams for Head Office visits PASSCO zone offices on to inspect our stocks / operations.

About us


As a public Limited Company, within the ambit / parameters of its mission, the corporation has been assigned following major functions:-

  • Provision of food security at national level, by maintaining strategic reserves of wheat and other specified commodities.
  • Maintain SAARC Food Bank Reserve Stock.
  • Extend state welfare to farmers by providing support to farmers; stabilize prices by intervening in domestic market. Release wheat to deficit province as well as Armed Forces.
  • Undertake import / export of different food grains when called upon.
  • Construct modern storage facilities for good grains.
  • Assist farmers in cultivation by supplying seeds, fertilizers and other released supplements when called upon.
  • Carrying out agro business / trade activities to achieve sustainability.
  • Other functions as detailed in the “Memorandum & Articles of Association” published under the Companies Ordinance 1984.