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Mr. Sherjeel Najmul Masood

Managing Director

Pakistan Agricultural Storage & Services Corporation Limited (PASSCO) is leading grain procurement and storage agency at National & International level. We look forward to the next decade with quite confidence and optimism. We will continue to progress and deliver best services in food supply / storage chain management. PASSCO is a major player in grain procurement and storage services in highly competitive arena in Pakistan. We have grown extensively in the last 50 years.

Our Mission is to become one of the most valued Corporations in the country. In this, we are guided by the ethical values embedded in our Corporative philosophy. PASSCO played its vital role in the last fifty years since its inception.

Within the ambit of its mission, PASSCO undertakes procurement of wheat and other agriculture commodities and implements the Government policy of Support Price for wheat, paddy, gram, potato, onion and any other specified agricultural commodities, when called upon.

PASSCO performs the function of storage of wheat and its release to deficit Provinces/Regions and Armed Forces throughout the year on the direction of Federal Government and maintenance of Strategic and SAARC Reserves as per policy spelled out by Federal Government.

In addition to above, PASSCO is also performing the role of price stabilization by intervention in local market and undertakes imports/exports on the instructions of Federal Government. Construction of modern storage facilities to minimize storage losses is the ultimate goal of PASSCO, in collaboration with Agribusiness Agencies.

PASSCO is serving the farmers at their doorstep since 1973 by curtailing the role of middlemen and I am confident and positive that PASSCO is well prepared to undertake the challenging tasks of serving the growers and ensuring Food Security at National level.

Mr. Sherjeel Najmul Masood

Inspection & Vigilance Wing/PMDU

Inspection & Vigilance Wing is one of the important wings of PASSCO, Head Office and functions under the control of GM (I&V) as per the directions of the Managing Director.
The foremost function and responsibility of Inspection & Vigilance Wing is to carry out effective monitoring of PASSCO activities and to ensure implementation of PASSCO policies in field operations and office working with true letter and spirit.
Inspection & Vigilance Wing identifies problems in the Field Zones to the notice of the Management for timely action. Furthermore, any willful deviation of the procedures and irregularities, are also reported.


  • To physically verify the stocks of food-grains, bardana and dead stock articles at Pcs/Rvs/Godowns/Silos.
  • To observe implementation of Policies, Rules, Instructions and Procedures etc. 
  • To examine record, call employee for statement/questioning, examine premises, carry out investigations and make surprise/spot checks as situation warrants.
  • To inspect new items such as Gunji kits, bardana, polythene, weighing scales etc.