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Liaison Office

The main function/duties of the Liaison offices are:

  • To liaison with offices/ministries to collect cheques/payments on behalf of PASSCO.
  • To arrange proper lodging / pick & drop facility to visiting Officers
  • To provide guest room facilities in the office
  • To extend full support regarding provision of information / documents needed for meetings
  • To act as focal person on PASSCO’s behalf to deal with local offices/administration etc.
  • To take care all personal/official needs of Officers visiting therein
  • To inform Head Office about all PASSCO related instructions/information timely issued from Ministry etc.
  • To provide

Liaison Office Islamabad

Mr. Nasir Saeed Khan

OIC Islamabad Office

Address: Room 25, 2nd Floor,Al-Rahmat Plaza, above Tahzeeb Bakers G-11 Markaz Passco Liaison Office Islamabad

Ph: 051-9266485

Ph: 051-9266366

Liaison Office Karachi

Mr. Ashar Hussain Siddiqui

OIC Karachi Office



About us


As a public Limited Company, within the ambit / parameters of its mission, the corporation has been assigned following major functions:-

  • Provision of food security at national level, by maintaining strategic reserves of wheat and other specified commodities.
  • Maintain SAARC Food Bank Reserve Stock.
  • Extend state welfare to farmers by providing support to farmers; stabilize prices by intervening in domestic market. Release wheat to deficit province as well as Armed Forces.
  • Undertake import / export of different food grains when called upon.
  • Construct modern storage facilities for good grains.
  • Assist farmers in cultivation by supplying seeds, fertilizers and other released supplements when called upon.
  • Carrying out agro business / trade activities to achieve sustainability.
  • Other functions as detailed in the “Memorandum & Articles of Association” published under the Companies Ordinance 1984.